Friday, August 17, 2007

Summertime Fun!

As we all know, it has been ridiculously hot this summer. Too hot to even really enjoy being outside at all. We have, however, made it out on occasion to try to beat the heat. Here's Waylon skinny-dipping in his duck pool,

and at the lake.

Yes, that is my gigantic breast in the background...please, try not to be envious!

Congrats, Cole!!

Just wanted to congratulate my hubby on a job well done. Cole received an incredible (and much deserved) raise recently. He has put in a lot of hours this last year and I'm proud of his hard work. His first big purchase....a new grill! He hasn't stopped smiling since we brought it home.

Mr. Not-So-Happy

Wouldn't you know, the day after I bragged about my son being Mr. Happy his first tooth popped up, followed shortly thereafter by his second tooth. I didn't expect them so soon!

Needless to say, Mr. Happy turned into Mr. Not-So-Happy for awhile, but has now returned to his old self. I will enjoy it for now because I'm sure the top teeth will be on their way soon. Ughh!