Friday, September 28, 2007

Waylon, Waylon, 2x4

When we were in Iowa Waylon got sick and we put him on a Pedialyte-only diet for a day. Since that day he has been eating like a pig. If you don't get this boy his food fast enough he lets you know his displeasure...and loudly. We're not sure if he's going through a growth spurt, had a change in attitude about solid foods, or is simply afraid his parents tried to starve him and he must eat as much as he can whenever he can. Whatever the case may be, my child is uncontrollably hungry! His favorite food right now is whatever you're feeding him at the time. He has yet to reject anything. Up next...lamb! Can you believe they have lamb as a baby food option?!

He's really filling out. He has finally rolled over from back to front. He rolled over front to back at 3 weeks! But, not again until 3 months, so we have been anxiously awaiting him to roll over from back to front. I am still working with him on sitting up. The little stinker has the strength to do it, but likes to keep is legs straight and stiff as a board, which makes it difficult. He just wants to stand all of the time. Put him in his Jumperoo and the kid is in heaven! Here's a picture of him showing his team spirit last Saturday...Go Vols!

Do These Slippers Make My Ass Look Big?

Waylon turned 6 months old today! To celebrate he chilled in his birthday suit after his bath tonight. I know it's not his birthday, but 6 months is a major milestone in a little man's life. And, as many of you know, I feel every birthday celebration is made that much brighter by a good frolick in the nude.

He's just like his tush to speak of! Why, oh why, can I not have that problem!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


We returned from Waylon's first trip to the Hawkeye state last Tuesday and have spent the week trying to settle back into things. As nice as it was to be on vacation, it's equally as nice to be back in our own bed.

Despite Waylon getting sick, the trip was a success. We made it up to Lake Delhi to visit with my mom's family. What a great time! The weather was beautiful, the drinks flowed freely, and Cole made his first jump off Injun Joe.

Meow.... (that's for you Aaron)


After 20 minutes of "deciding whether to just jump or dive" (yeah right, Cole, like you can dive!), Cole finally took the plunge.

I also had the chance to see my high school girlfriends (aka the Ya-Ya's). It was so nice getting to catch up and see everyone, including Erica's baby boy Cayle. I miss out on most of the get- togethers and am grateful I made it this time. It is funny to watch us all slowly evolve into soccer moms! Everyday I'm one step closer to a minivan. Kate, you were missed....I'm glad to hear you're all doing well and feeling better. Here's the crazy group...
Cole, Waylon and I had the pleasure of celebrating my Grandpa Dietrich's 75th birthday while we were back...Happy B-day, Grandpa!!! I know he'll probably never read this blog since they don't own a computer, but I thought I'd give him a shout out anyway. Here are some pics from the two day celebration.
Dietrich clan, my Grandparents, and Grandma and Waylon sharing a moment.
Waylon yucking-it-up at the party, and my dad, his wife Virginia, and Waylon.

Waylon finally got to meet one of my best friends and her two kids Nicholas and Hadley. Nicholas has definitely never met a stranger and took to Waylon rather quickly. Hadley on the other hand is a little spit-fire and didn't really care too much about hanging with Waylon. Kelly, it was so nice to get to see you! I have been brain storming ideas on how we can see each other more often and have decided you need to pack up your family and move closer to me! :) I miss you!! Here is Nicholas introducing himself to Waylon.
Waylon also got to meet his "uncle" Andy (aka Dupree) and "uncle" Travis. Both of whom are sure to be a bad influence on an impressionable young man and he's not allowed to hang out them between the ages of 5-18. Better enjoy him now fellas!

Waylon spent most of his time bonding with his Grandma JSM who spoiled him rotten and told him tall tales of eating fudgecicles. He misses her and asked me to send his love. Here are some pics of the duo.

We are all looking forward to our next visit to Iowa. We had a blast getting to see so many friends and family. There is never enough time to do everything we want to, but we did squeeze a lot in this time. Thank you to everyone who hosted us to dinner, drinks, or both. We love you all and miss you!!

I had to include a couple more pics of Waylon from the trip. Here he is doing his best Gene Simmons impression and taking a bath at Grandma's.