Friday, September 28, 2007

Waylon, Waylon, 2x4

When we were in Iowa Waylon got sick and we put him on a Pedialyte-only diet for a day. Since that day he has been eating like a pig. If you don't get this boy his food fast enough he lets you know his displeasure...and loudly. We're not sure if he's going through a growth spurt, had a change in attitude about solid foods, or is simply afraid his parents tried to starve him and he must eat as much as he can whenever he can. Whatever the case may be, my child is uncontrollably hungry! His favorite food right now is whatever you're feeding him at the time. He has yet to reject anything. Up next...lamb! Can you believe they have lamb as a baby food option?!

He's really filling out. He has finally rolled over from back to front. He rolled over front to back at 3 weeks! But, not again until 3 months, so we have been anxiously awaiting him to roll over from back to front. I am still working with him on sitting up. The little stinker has the strength to do it, but likes to keep is legs straight and stiff as a board, which makes it difficult. He just wants to stand all of the time. Put him in his Jumperoo and the kid is in heaven! Here's a picture of him showing his team spirit last Saturday...Go Vols!

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Anonymous said...

He is adorable, and has grown so much. And looks good in Orange which is a good thing because Gold and Black blow. He is still as happy as ever.