Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where the F*#@ is Tim Whitehead?!

I'm sending out an APB...Tim Whitehead is missing. As many of you know, Timmy burst onto the blogging scene a couple of months ago, quickly making fans with his wit, dry humor, and dazzling slide show. My fascination with his blog started slowly, mostly because reading it made me truly realize how crappy mine is. I mean, seriously, who puts a poll question up as part of their first ever blog?! Then, he had the audacity to put up a off! Once I accepted the fact that Tim is a gifted blogger and I am not, I became addicted. It was like crack. As any dedicated fan, I stopped by Sober Moments every Friday (the once promised post day) and to my delight there was a deliciously funny post for a couple of weeks.....then nothing. I remained calm for the first week, telling myself the Whiteheads must be on vacation or Tim is sick and cannot muster up the strength to write. Then, as the weeks went on anger started to set in. How could he lure me in like that then pull the rug out from underneath me?! Who does he think he is?
Now, I know Tim is a busy man. He just received an incredible promotion at work, he has a very demanding wife (Cole made me put that, Jaime), and two adoring children, but for the love of God, Tim, give us a little taste of what we long for. Come on back to the blogging world. No questions asked.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Our hearts have been broken over the last couple of weeks hearing about the destructive flooding in Iowa. We feel selfish and helpless carrying on with our happy life while so many are dealing with utter devastation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our family, friends, and their loved ones. Seeing pictures has been hard enough, so I cannot imagine what it's like up close and personal. It has made my and Cole's heart swell with pride reading articles and watching Iowans on the news. While many of those affected have lost almost everything, they still keep their heads up and say "I feel blessed because it could have been worse" or "I feel lucky to have such an amazing support system around me." Wow. It's a testament to the character of the people living in our beloved Hawkeye state. You honestly won't find any better. It's a place we are both more than proud to call "home".
One final thought...the recent levee breaks in Iowa and Missouri make me ponder the question "Does Kanye West think George Bush hates white people now too?" Ah, ignorance is bliss.

A thought from Daddy Stinson:

I think Suni’s post here adequately communicates our angst over the Iowa flooding, but I do feel compelled to add my two cents. I fell in love with Iowa when I first set foot on Hawkeye soil in March of 1996, and I can honestly say this flooding would be scarecely more heartbreaking to me if it were my own house underwater.

My love for the state and its people has always engendered curiosity among my fellow Southerners, and, try as I might, I have never been able to competently explain my affinity for the state most Americans confuse with Idaho. The reactions of Iowans to this flood have explained it for me. The matter-of-factness with which Iowans on the news react to questions about the flood are at once agonizing and humorous. One photo I saw posted somewhere is especially poignant: Two college-aged guys and an old man in a john boat are floating down what used to be a residential street, the oarsman having to duck to keep from hitting his head on an overhead traffic light. In the background are houses submerged up to their eaves and cars semi-floating in their watery graves. Yet, all three men have smiles on their faces that seem to say, “Wow, can you believe this shit?”

Even though the relatively famous blogger Tigerhawk has backpedaled a bit, I pretty much agree with his original post.

Jenni Benesh has a good post with several photos.

Update: Of course, all of this flooding comes on the heels of tornadoes. This L.A. Times piece captures the devastation felt by this little town when an EF5 tornado hit there last month, as does this heartbreaking video. Alas, here is a good story about Parkersburg, Iowa, from that hints of hope in a town that, like so many of the flood-struck towns, have been changed forever.