Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where the F*#@ is Tim Whitehead?!

I'm sending out an APB...Tim Whitehead is missing. As many of you know, Timmy burst onto the blogging scene a couple of months ago, quickly making fans with his wit, dry humor, and dazzling slide show. My fascination with his blog started slowly, mostly because reading it made me truly realize how crappy mine is. I mean, seriously, who puts a poll question up as part of their first ever blog?! Then, he had the audacity to put up a off! Once I accepted the fact that Tim is a gifted blogger and I am not, I became addicted. It was like crack. As any dedicated fan, I stopped by Sober Moments every Friday (the once promised post day) and to my delight there was a deliciously funny post for a couple of weeks.....then nothing. I remained calm for the first week, telling myself the Whiteheads must be on vacation or Tim is sick and cannot muster up the strength to write. Then, as the weeks went on anger started to set in. How could he lure me in like that then pull the rug out from underneath me?! Who does he think he is?
Now, I know Tim is a busy man. He just received an incredible promotion at work, he has a very demanding wife (Cole made me put that, Jaime), and two adoring children, but for the love of God, Tim, give us a little taste of what we long for. Come on back to the blogging world. No questions asked.


cbstinso said...

Since no one else seems to be concerned about Tim's AWOL status (or maybe no one is reading our blog), let me comment and say that I do long for the "crude and inappopriate humor of Tim," which I was promised months ago. I salute you, my dear wife, for bringing attention to this hole in the blogging community. I will continue to check faithfully for updates... come on, Timmy.

tw said...

I'm alive and well... Despite a recent canoe trip where I tempted death. I'm hoping to get a blog out yet this weekend. Thanks for caring!