Sunday, July 8, 2007

Great-Grandparents and Such

You know how it is with a divorced family… so many parents and grandparents… it’s hard to keep track sometimes. Given the fact that both Suni and I have two sets of parents, it gets even trickier. Giving the grandparents distinguishing names has been interesting. Cole’s mom is “Nonna,” the Italian word for Grandma, which my niece Klaudia made “No-nee.” Hey, what do you expect – this is Tennessee. Suni’s mom, Jonnie, prefers to be called just “Grandma,” but I like “Grandma Jism” (her initials are JSM). That one hasn’t gone over all that well, and I don’t understand why.

Here is a picture of Waylon and his “Granny,” Cole’s grandmother and one of our heroes. These two get along famously. Granny will be 84 in August, but she is still as sharp as a tack. We know Waylon is cute because Granny says so, and she has never spared anyone from the truth, however unpleasant it may be. When someone offers up a compliment Granny doesn’t agree with, she always says “Well…” and kind of trails off. When we talk about how cute we think Waylon is, we get nothing but wholehearted agreement.

Waylon gets to spend a lot of time with his grandparents and great grandparents here in Tennessee, but he misses his Grandma Jism.


Anonymous said...

Little Waylon looks so big in Granny's arms. No need for me to worry about him as long as Granny is in control.
Love the blog.

Grandma Jism

Anonymous said...

Love the blog! It's a great way to watch Waylon grow.


Anonymous said...

Grandma Jism!! Ha! Don't worry Cole, I'll do my best to get that to stick back in IA! Love it!