Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hap"Bee" Halloween

I know this is overdue, but I'm terrible about keeping up with this damn blog. I wish I was more like Jenni and her sister Kim who you can always count on to have interesting and frequent updates.

Halloween was rather uneventful this year. We didn't have a single trick-or-treater show up at our house and Waylon is too young to really know what's happening. Our friend Angie Dial bought Waylon a bumblebee costume before Waylon was born since Cole and I were bees last year. It was a little small, but he looked adorable nonetheless. I had high hopes that the three of us could dress up together, but his daddy wasn't feeling it this year.

Here are some pics of Waylon in his costume, with his cousin Klaudia (you can't tell, but she was a unicorn), and W with his BFF Oscar. I threw in a picture of Cole and me dressed up last year so you could see him in all his glory!


Anonymous said...

BFF Oscar, better watch it. He's got a little trouble stirring here in Iowa with Miss Mary and Briggs. I do believe they are a little happier thou now that they came leave the room for a sip of water and not hear that earth shattering noise that Baby Waylon has learn to use (from TN) until they return.

Love you all.
Grandma J_M

kim said...

Love the bee costumes!
And Waylon is just ADORABLE!


kim said...

Hi again, Suni~
I saw your Aunt Pam @ the mall the other day! :) She is so nice~

Hope you all have a great Christmas~