Saturday, April 19, 2008

Scenes from the Stinson Household

So much has been happening, as Cole just filled you all in on. A trip to the Dominican, a visit from Grandma JSM, Waylon's first b-day, Jonnie's 50-something b-day, Cole turned 30 (hip-hip-hooray!), and we celebrated our 3rd anniversary.
In true Stinson style, we have taken very few pictures to remember these momentous occasions. We recently purchased a new camera hoping this would change things, but no, we still suck at taking pictures. I have accepted this, but am working on channeling my inner "Japanese tourist" and hope to be a picture-taking fool someday soon.

Waylon received a Radio Flyer wagon from Grandma JSM for his birthday, which he absolutely adores. Whether is riding in it or pushing it around himself, he loves his wagon. Thanks, Grandma!!

Waylon has always been ridiculously flexible...I swear he's part monkey. At dinner, if he doesn't have his tray in front of him, he likes to rest his feet on the table while he eats. What a nut!! Here are some pics of his first spaghetti dinner.

We hope you are all doing well and love catching up by reading some of your blogs. Oh, I forgot to mention...Waylon has only had one ear infection since having his tubes put in!! It has been such a drastic and welcomed change for us all!


Anonymous said...

You guys finally freaking posted! I am probably the only creep who still checks. I love hearing about and seeing Waylon. I do miss you guys but wouldn't wish a move to NM on you ever! You definitely made the right decision. Also, I love the new look of the blog - very classy.

Anonymous said...

check in on Ella -

(I left the wrong address in my comment.)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Ella uses the same sippy cup! Must be you were successful getting him off the bottle.

P.P.S. Hah! You probably thought you had a ton of comments from different people and there all from me! Wait, that makes me look like the dork.

jenni said...

the new look of the blog looks great!! now just keep on posting so we can keep up with what the hell in going on down south!!!

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