Saturday, July 19, 2008

One Year Later...

With our Iowa trip on the horizon, I thought it would be interesting to post a couple of photos from our trip to Iowa last August. Here are a couple of Waylon and Grandma. It is amazing how much the little guy has grown in the past year.

W, Grandma J, and the rats Picture 042

I know that he will be thrilled to see his “brother” and “sister” again. Briggs and Mary are seen in the picture on the very top. Since these pictures were taken, Waylon has learned to talk, knows 15-20 different words, understands virtually everything, feed himself all kinds of food, and today he even told us he had to “poop” before pooping!! Despite having the same amount of time in which to learn, Briggs and Mary still do nothing but yelp at the top of their lungs, pee and crap all over the place, and probably eat the poop.

Here are two more: Waylon getting a bath and Grandma Jonnie’s and trying to tell his cousin Owen about classic country music. I don’t think Owen was interested. He’s really more into hip hop, apparently.

Picture 060 620242812208_0_BG[1]


Anonymous said...

Hey the remark on Briggs and Mary was uncalled for. They do not eat the poop, and Mary can dance. But if I'm remembering correctly the last time I was down in the hills I heard some screaming from the bedroom and a naked little hillbaby playing with something and aiming for the mouth.
Loved the blog Suni.
Kiss my baby's feet for me.
Can't wait till the 1st and really looking forward to the fair time.

tw said...

Ok Jonnie. Your comment confused me. Was the screaming coming from Suni as Cole was playing with something and aiming for the mouth?

cbstinso said...

LOL... wow, Timmy.