Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Wagon Rides

The weather here is perfect!  Here are some shots from our wagon ride tonight.  As you can see, Waylon is beginning to understand the importance of Teddy and him wearing their hats.  W pulls the wagon now.  Our little boy is growing up so fast. 

pulling wagon

fall wagon hat DSCF1229


jenni said...

just think, by this time next fall, Waylon will be pulling his little brother in the wagon and you and Cole will be yelling at him to Slow Down!!

Anonymous said...

Look at those eyes.

A Grandmother couldn't ask for anything better.

Anonymous said...

Sitting in the wagon with another little Hillbaby by the name of Henry(Hank)Ford, Stinson would make an awesome little family. Any thoughts from anyone else?

Love ya