Monday, July 16, 2007

My first post

Here it first blog entry. I have been thinking for days about how to write a witty account of the exciting events in my life and have come to the sad conclusion that not only am I not witty, but my life is relatively boring. So, instead of entertaining you I will just share some of the mundane shit that goes on in my life. I will also be posting a ridiculous number of pictures of Waylon since he is the pride and joy of my (and Cole's) life, and because my mom asks for them on a daily basis.

This weekend I finally attacked the beast that is our flower garden. I could take it no longer. It has been taunting me for 3 months. As I pull out of the driveway everyday I swear I can hear it screaming "Help me!". Our once beautiful "garden" has pretty much turned into an extension of the lawn (it's funny how weeds thrive in these drought conditions, but the flowers are just crispy remnants of their former selves.) This task has been put off due to the fact that I know nothing about gardening coupled with the lack of desire to sweat my ass off in 90% humidity while squatting for hours. Truth be told it's more likely due to me wanting to play with Waylon every chance I get. Regardless, it wasn't getting done and was far beyond embarrassing. (When did I turn into someone who's embarrassed by the state of her flower garden....Crap...I think I'm getting old). But this weekend I did it....I attacked with full force. Ten garbage bags (literally) full of weeds later and the garden is...... 60% done! AHHH! This garden will be the death of me. Once I finally finish I will have to start over again. Who needs flowers anyway?!

I did get a couple of good snapshots of Waylon (looking awfully cute I might add) yesterday though, which saved the day. Maybe once I finish weeding I can get a picture of him sitting in front of my weed-free, dried-out flower bed.


Anonymous said...

Suni, Little Waylon is just the best and you are right the top picture does look like Tim.

I love you.
Kiss Waylons feet for me.

jenni said...

you need to blog more often!! you crack me up. i hate to weed and i am not big on gardening either. yes, it is a sign we are getting old when we care about our gardens!! love the pics of waylon, he is getting so big!!

channymay said...

He is so cute! His smile is so contageous(sp). I will log onto your acct anytime i need a little pick me up. I can't wait to meet him!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness he is such a little cutie pie! I just want to throw him in the air and razz his belly. He looks like he would just giggle and giggle! You are hilarious. Wait until you start comparing your weeds and lawn with the neighbors. That's when you know for sure you are turning into your mother! ugh! no offense johnnie!

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