Saturday, July 7, 2007

Our First Post

Encouraged by her Iowa friends’ blogs, Suni informed me recently that she wanted a blog. This was a surprise to me, as she was quite fond of making fun of the blog that I used to keep – Strange Things Afoot. But, alas, things have changed, so Suni will be hosting the Team Stinson Blog at this spot. “Our” blog will soon be accessible at!

I imagine that the content of Team Stinson will consist almost exclusively of all things Waylon, our three-month old little boy, of whom we are more than a little proud. You never know, though… as a reformed liberal, Suni may also wax eloquent about politics or Lord knows what else. At any rate, it should be fun. Thanks for stopping by.

To give Suni a head start, I have posted one of my favorite pics of the Little Guy.


Sarah Brecht said...

Nice work! Roger and I are impressed and excited to hear more about what's going on in your lives.

AMc said...

Waylon is just as fabulous as his dad testifies! PawPaw and I are already "attached." -Nonna

Anonymous said...

Doesnt Cole have an intelligent better looking brother? Lets hear more about that cat.

Anonymous said...

Holy sack of monkey dung. Enough of the chicken in marzanazora sauce with guiness. tell us about the p.b.r and how you fell out of the golf cart.
bill and gus

Anonymous said...

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