Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Baby Has a Penis!!!

Otherwise known as "It's a boy!"

The ultrasound was music to my ears, or whatever. There is no mistaking the sex of this baby. We will try to put a still of the ultrasound DVD on here when I get back home from Memphis. I am very happy that Waylon will have a little brother. I am sure that is what my mom thought back in 1979, when she found out she was having another boy. Waylon and Horace will be almost exactly the same age difference as Aaron and I are. If the two of us are any indication, it will be an interesting journey.

In other news, Waylon recently took to repeating "Shup!" in a very loud voice. We had no idea what on earth he was saying. We do now. Suni was quite distraught when she dropped Waylon off at daycare on Monday and heard Samantha*, the problem child in the class saying "Shut up!" in a demon-like voice as she lashed out at someone with her hand. Needless to say, Suni made the connection. I am very proud of Suni, as she told the daycare manager that if we saw Waylon around this girl again, we would change daycares. Now, lest you think that is an overreaction, there is much more history that makes that a very sensible threat. This girl has been physically abusive repeatedly to Waylon and other kids and the daycare has kicked her brother and her out of daycare at least twice only to re-admit them somehow. This girl's 3-year old brother is known to call his teacher a "f#$%er," and use it in context. Who are these freakin' people?

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent child of the idiots who are raising her.


Anonymous said...

Horace? Cole take a look at the poll.......the name is dead last. The poll was your idea.


jenni said...

Congrats on another boy!! Suni, you need to step it up with the names, don't give in to Cole and his Horace. Cole, do you want your child to get beat up on the playground??

cbstinso said...

I think "Horace Stinson" has a nice ring to it! If he gets beat up on the playground, it will just make him tougher. Besides, Suni has come up with nothing and shot down every non-Horace name I have thrown at her.