Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cole!!

Today is my darling husband's birthday and I thought I'd steal a great idea from my friend Jenni and make a list of 31 things I love about Cole. I also wanted to post some priceless pictures as well. I particularly love the one with him in his knit Gingerbread man outfit and brown turtleneck. Ha!!! Here goes....

1. He's a true friend (my very best) and very loyal to those he holds close to his heart.

2. He's passionate.

3. He loves the Hawkeye state. Anyone who's ever met Cole knows he's mildly obsessed with Iowa. Seriously, the man should work for the Iowa Board of Tourism.

4. He loves my family and friends. He feels just at home with them as he does with his own.

5. His family!

6. He loves his career choice and is amazing at what he does.

7. He doesn't act like a typical lawyer-type. If I had a dollar for every time someone in Iowa asked me if Cole was really an attorney I wouldn't have to work.

8. He doesn't take himself too seriously.

9. He's obsessive, and not just about Iowa. This can be annoying, but it really is endearing.

10. He's an incredible cook.

11. His sense of humor.

12. He's a dreamer.

13. Whether he's talking about a beer he's just been handed or the dinner someone has prepared, Cole will often say "I think this is the best I've ever had." The great thing is, he means it whole-heartedly every time he says it.

14. His desire to learn.

15. He whistles. This was actually the first thing that attracted me to him. Who whistles these days?

16. His favorite show is the Golden Girls. Probably the second thing that attracted me to him. When we met I thought I was the only person under the age of 60 that watched it.

17. He thinks I'm neat.

18. He's forgiving.

19. He's not afraid to admit when he's been a dumbass. Good thing, because this happens a lot.

20. He cries watching television. If something on tv is sure to make a teenage girl cry you can bet your bottom dollar that Cole's at home sobbing too. Ha! It's great!

21. He has traveled all over the US and Europe and his favorite place in the world is still Iowa.

22. He was a band geek. Okay, so some others of us were too for a short while, but Cole was what you might call a Master of the Brass. Just ask him, he's proud!!

23. He's a wonderful daddy!

24. He was country when country wasn't cool.

25. He loves to travel and is always up for a new adventure.

26. His intelligence.

27. The fact that after reading this post Cole will inevitably call me and politely tell me any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes I've made. He just can't help himself.

28. His self confidence.

29. He fits in with most any crowd.

30. He's a bit of a Renaissance man.

31. And finally, to quote The Minosaur, one of Waylon's favorite books, "He's mine. Mine, Mine, Mine!!"

I love you, Cole. Happy Birthday!!


Anonymous said...

A man who cries while watching Golden Girls, hmmmm....You gotta love the quirky little fella.
This was an awesome idea, thanks for sharing Sunni! ~Jody

Anonymous said...

When he calls to correct your spelling which even I found some, I would call them typo's but I sure if you listen to him he'll be sniffling from all the nice things you said.

Love mom

Anonymous said...

Hey whats hanging from his head in the hunting picture. I think it's also great that Granny did her best with trying to potty train him.
Love you Cole B

jenni said...

Happy Birthday Cole!! What a great list, learned a few new things about Cole. But, I have to agree, I don't know what it is about Iowa that he loves so much, but he does and he has a great sense of humor. And whistling, who doesn't love to whistle?? Great quirk to have!! What would we do without Cole??? Have a great day!! Isn't your anniversary around this time also?? So, when are you guys coming back "home" to Iowa??

cbstinso said...

Thanks, honey! This is my favorite birthday gift ever! I could have done without the band picture. I would like to point out that I retired the brass after 7th grade and at no time did band interfere with my football career... just sayin'....

Stephanie Griffin said...

Happy Birthday Cole!!! I love the fact that you watch Golden Girls, Kyle and I are addicted to it :) Great idea Suni for posting so much about Cole! :)

tw said...

Damn Suni, you stole my idea, I was going to post 31 things I love about Cole! Happy late birthday buddy! I drank a few in your honor. And funny thing... I think I started dating my wife on your birthday some few years ago...

Anita McCollum said...

Suni, I liked #'s 19 and 27 the best! And, I didn't notice any misspelled words! Cole's Mom Oh, I think the band picture is cute. . .the instructor said he could get a band scholarship to college. . .he's a jack-of-all-trades, my son. Except mechanic and carpenter!

kim said...

Suni - this was the sweetest post. Loved it~
Hope Cole had a terrific birthday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy (really) late Bday Cole- Suni you forgot how sexy he is- or did I miss that?:o) love and miss u guys. Jaime

Ginger said...

Cole! It's your long lost cousin Ginger from Kentucky! Mamaw said she talked to Aaron on the phone me thinking about you two and wondering how you all are doing. I searched on facebook for you and it sent me here....hope you see this. :) Been praying for Aunt Becky.