Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jonnie and "Johnny"

To say Waylon enjoyed having his Grandma in Tennessee for the week is an understatement.  Suni is going to post more later about Jonnie's visit, but I just had to put up a few pictures.  Suni is meeting with a mommy's group tonight, so I have a minute to post while Cal is sleepingon my shoulder.  (Waylon is at Nonna's house). 

Grandma took Waylon to the Aquarium of the Smokies, and W did not like the sharks.  I don't think it is an inaccurate to say they actually scared the piss out of him.  I missed a momentous event while I was stuck in Purgatory (Memphis).  The same day they went to the Aquarium, Waylon peed in his potty!  I was absent for this urination event, but I am extremely proud.  It will just be a matter of time before Waylon is peeing in Gatorade bottles on road trips with Dad. 

Below is a picture of Waylon beside his golden treasure.  Counter-clockwise is Waylon and Grandma this morning before she left; Waylon, Grandma, and Briggs at bath time; and Waylon walking Briggs, or, as Grandma correctly characterized it, Briggs walking Waylon. 

IMG_1919   IMG_1950

IMG_1885 IMG_1945

Grandma may be gone back to Iowa, but her presence lives on.  She left a bottled water that Waylon insists on drinking from.  He just dumped it all over himself. 


Stephanie Griffin said...

I'm glad you guys had such a good time with Jonnie, she is missing her grandbabies!! Yay for Waylon going on the potty!! :)

Anita McCollum said...

Gee, Jonnie must be really special. . .she got her dog in the house! Poor Oscar has helped raise Waylon Jennings King Bryan Stinson, and he has NEVER been allowed in the house! Something is wrong with this picture. Grandma Jonnie can visit all she wants, but NoNee is still W's favorite. Hope Jonnie got through KY before the storm hit. I'm ready for a road trip. . . maybe we should get a big group together and go to FL.