Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Talker

Tonight I had the pleasure of "interviewing" Waylon. I was dictating some letters tonight when he wanted to climb up in my lap and talk into my "microphone." I think he may have a future in radio. Some of the audio got cut off when Waylon was manning the controls, but I still love to hear him answer my very tough questions. Notice that he completely dodges the last one.

I have traveled an unprecedented amount this week, already having logged 1,020 miles with another 900 to go before the week ends. I couldn't wait to see the boys! I have a picture on my phone of Waylon holding Cal that I look at at least ten times a day. I'm so keenly aware lately of how precious these years are. I know that these are days for which we will long much too soon.

I can see Waylon maturing before my very eyes. He has developed a conversational tone to his speech that can be outright shocking. The thoughts that occupy his little mind is hilarious. Suni reported the following bedtime conversation tonight.

Suni lay with him in a bit in his bed and recounted his day, as is their routine. A bit out of the blue, Waylon asked "You have a vacumm cleaner?" Before Suni could even fathom the impetus for this question, Waylon answered it himself. "Oh yeah, it's in your bedroom."

They talked a while longer. Sensing Suni's imminent departure, he squeezed her neck to try to restrain her. (He is already experienced enough to know that he can do so under the guise of showing affection). Suni explained that it was time for her to go to bed, as well. Just as she was walking out Waylon's bedroom door, Waylon bolted upright in bed and cried out "Mama!?"

Suni's heart sank, as she expected at that moment to have to deal with a mini-tantrum. "Yes, buddy," Suni said, hoping for a reasonable request like a cup of water.

"Mama, I don't like wolves."

"Me either," Suni said, "That's why I'm glad there aren't any around here, buddy." Satisfied, Waylon lay back down and went to sleep.

Ah, that's our boy!


Anonymous said...

Cole do a video with it. This was fun.

kim said...

That was brilliant ~ I loved it. Hearing those complete thoughts in such a tiny voice is precious. ;)
Great audio...

They do grow up fast, though. It is fun to hear how you are enjoying these wonder years ~ & may they continue to amaze, as well as amuse. :)