Monday, January 26, 2009

Is today the day?

We go in to Women’s Care Group here in Maryville this morning at 9:00 for Suni’s regular 40-week checkup.  Today is the due date.  We’ll see what they say, but I am thinking they will want to induce tomorrow or Wednesday.

My pal Nick has been kind enough to take my Memphis trip for me on Wednesday, clearing the way for me to stay home this week.

We just sent Waylon off to daycare, but we have to pick him up and take him to the ENT for his tubes follow-up.  We’ll keep you posted on the developments (or lack thereof) of the day.  


Stephanie Griffin said...

Thinking of you guys today and hoping Suni is at least somewhat comfortable and has your little man soon!

jenni said...

I am anxiously waiting to hear when you have him!! Maybe you are at the hospital right now?!! Good luck and thinking of ya.

love, jen

Kelly said...

I am so excited!! Can't wait to see pictures of Calvin. Good luck momma!