Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Arrival

Calvin is here, and I was off by a mile on the ETA. I had barely posted my last blog entry when Dr. Metelka came in and talked to us for about thirty minutes, all the while monitoring Suni’s contractions. The nurse came in at 12:12, and Dr. Metelka announced, “She’s full and at plus two station. Let’s deliver this baby. If I had quit talking to them, he would have been born on his due date.” The nurse thought he was joking. So did we. He wasn’t.

The room came alive with activity and people materialized out of nowhere. Dr. Metelka left the room to scrub in, I presume, and the nurses told Suni to push. After two pushes, Dr. Metelka came back in and told Suni to stop pushing. It was 12:16. Two minutes later, Dr. Metelka told Suni to start pushing again. At 12:20, Calvin was delivered. I cut the cord at 12:21. All in all, the speed with which this baby was delivered was stunning!

It has really been a great experience. The nurse with us all night, Renee, a Cleveland transplant, has been wonderful. Suni is doing wonderfully. Despite having to have a total of six stitches, Suni is reporting pain that is “not bad enough to take a Tylenol or anything.”

At birth, Calvin weighed 7 lbs. 9.5 oz. He is 19 inches long. He has a pretty full head of dark hair. Here is a picture I just took with my phone. 



Anonymous said...

How is Suni's hernia?
Will she need surgery or has having the baby eased the strain?

Trish, your mom's partner in crime!

Anita McCollum said...

My new grandboy is just that. . .grand! Thank you, Suni! You, too, Cole.
Love you,

Stephanie Griffin said...

Congratulations Suni, Cole and Waylon!! Calvin is adorable :)

jenni said...

congratulations you 2!! Another wonderful boy, how exciting. I am sure baby Calvin is just as sweet as ever!! Way to go on the delivery Suni, you are a trooper!!Nice and fast, why waste anytime?! Hope you are able to get some sleep now!! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Suni and Cole! Wow, I am so glad you had a fast delivery:o)
love ya - - Jaime

Mondo said...

Congrats! Calvin is a perfect name and he resembles Waylon so much! Looking forward to more pictures...may I only have labors like you just had!

Brandon & Monica

tw said...

Congrats to both of you. Cole, you are going to need to get a bigger vehicle for your trips to Iowa. It might be hard to fit the two boys, the golf clubs, AND the wife in your current ride.

kim said...

Congrats Team S!!!
Hope you are all well-


Jody said...

Congratulations! He's adorable.