Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Good Big Brother

Suni and I were more than a little concerned about how Waylon would receive Calvin.  Our fear was that his emotional response would either be callous indifference or outright hostility.  Waylon is generally well-behaved, but, like all children, he can be quite jealous.  Thus, our concern.  Well, for the first time in his twenty-two months of life, Waylon’s parents sold him short. 

Waylon has been so sweet to Calvin.  He actually shows Cal genuine love, to the point where it has been moving a time or two.  Granted, there is plenty of time for jealousy to develop.  But, for now, we couldn’t be prouder of our little man.  In  the future, I hope Suni and I make a conscious effort to trust Waylon’s good nature.  I think there is some truth in the adage that “children behave like you expect them to.” 

The only interesting post-Calvin development is demonstrated in this picture.  Waylon has never put things in his mouth that don’t belong.  I know you don’t believe it, but even when he was an infant, he just didn’t explore with his mouth the way most babies do.  Well, today, he has put everything he can find in his mouth, including his colored Sesame Street Fizzy Bath Colors.  This picture shows the result of that experiment.  From  the look on Waylon’s face, the red one must not have tasted very good!  We both laughed, and he rinsed his mouth out.  I hope those things aren’t toxic.

Come to think of it, I think I will tell people this is Waylon’s Ozzy Osbourne impression.  It looks like he just bit the head off a bat.  The “blood splatter” on the bathtub wall adds some authenticity.  (Did anyone know Ozzy actually pulled that stunt in Des Moines?)   



tw said...

Two comments that will reside forever (which means I will store them for later use).

"I hope Suni and I make a conscious effort to trust Waylon’s good nature." -- Suni's Mom made the same mistake. Enough said...

"Waylon has never put things in his mouth that don’t belong." May that trend continue. Amen brother. Enough said...

Anonymous said...

Tim, I'm still not old enough to hear the stories. A parent believes what they want.


cbstinso said...

Timmy, are you saying Suni was good natured?

Jonnie, something tells me Suni wasn't exactly a hell raiser. On the other hand, maybe Tim knows something I don't.

Kelly said...

CONGRATULATIONS Suni, Cole and Waylon. Calvin is a cutie! I hope everyone is doing well. Love Tim's comments!! I will plead the fifth.