Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We’re home!

We got home from the hospital today around 11:00.  Cal and Suni are both doing great.  Cal has a big appetite.  He’s doing well with feeding and we are supplementing with a syringe.

Several people have asked about Suni’s hernia.  It was a non-factor during the birth, and Dr. Metalka, Suni’s obstetrician said that surgical repair may not even be necessary. 

Here are some pictures taken while we were still at the hospital.

cal_2_web cal_web

Family_web suni_and_cal_web

Here are some pictures I took after we got home today while my sister was holding Cal. 

sissy_cal)web sissy_cal_2_web

I can’t stop taking pictures, so there will be more. 

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tw said...

BJ! It's been to long! The "Point" misses my wife's twin sister.