Monday, January 5, 2009

We love the ENT doctor...

We went to see Dr. Garman, our favorite ENT doc today.  It was determined that Waylon would need tubes re-inserted in his ears.  When scheduling his surgery around the birth of the new baby and my work schedule became difficult, Dr. Garman stepped in and said, "Well, we could do it tomorrow!"  This must have been news to the staffperson trying to schedule the surgery because she gave him a "what in the hell are you talking about" look.  But, Dr. Garman was not deterred, and Waylon has his surgery tomorrow.

I have finally experienced the pain and agony everyone told me would come with my tonsillectomy.  After nearly five full days of doing well, I decided to ask Dr. Garman today if he could give me a less potent painkiller and see if I could make it.  I could not.  Dr. Garman gave me Percocet, but it hardly does anything.  As soon as my next does comes up at 9:00 tonight, I am switching back.  The breakthrough pain let me know what these narcotics are masking, and it ain't pretty.  I pity the more people that are left to fend for themselves on Percocet from the get-go.   

Dr. Garman did reiterate today how badly I needed my tonsils out.  His exact words: "When I just grasped them to prepare for the surgery, puss squirted everywhere.  It was really gross."  Uh, yeah, truly. 

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